10 августа 2018 г.

Happy Birthday, Karolina!

Happy Birthday, Karolina!

You’re a miracle and a charm! Let you have happiness and good fortune without problems and troubles. We wish you and all your dearest to have also good health! Happy birthday!

Let all your fond dreams, hopes and expectations come true in your new year. We wish you always to have cheerful mood, strength to resist difficulties and patience, big success in all your dealings and great personal happiness! 

Your Fabrika Decoru ;)

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  1. Поздравляю поздравляю красавица! Будь счастлива и всего самого крутого! На английском не знаю как пишется) но вдруг сможешь перевести)))
    Happy Birthday!

  2. Here’s a long-distance “Happy Birthday” to you from Japan.
    I hope your special day is filled with lots love and laughter.